An inside account of the multi-million-dollar Steroid Industry, and the Celebrities who profited from it. From Kevin King a.k.a. Sylvester Stallone to Danny Bonaduce. From Shannon Tweed to Lee Priest. Even a Secret Service Agent assigned to the President. They all visited with, the Invisible Doctor.

Ride with the High-Flying Ex-Marine read the truth about; how he became a self-made millionaire, how he fought back against the prison system, how he survived cancer, and how he lived to tell the tale. E-Book. 275 Pages $9.95

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“It should be said from the outset that any and all information used in the commission of a crime has no privacy interest in law.
Whether or not the user is aware a crime is being committed is of no relevance” 

Dr. Michael Scally
Harvard Medical School
M.I.T. Program in Health Science and Technology
Misbranding Prescription Medications 21 U.S.C. §353(b)
Boston, Massachusetts, May 15, 2005

As I stepped out from the ice-cold A/C, of the Palm Beach County Courthouse, and into the oppressive mid-day Florida heat, my sun glasses
instantly fogged.

As I stood waiting for the condensation to dissipate from the lenses of my glasses, I was overwhelmed with a wave of joyful emotion that could
only be brought about by sweet redemption. You see, for the second time in my life, I was a self-made millionaire. I had withstood the onslaught
of a corrupt judicial system, and the mayhem brought about by the Government’s overzealous desire to seize my assets.

In the Marine Corps I was trained to adapt and overcome. I utilized my military training, my legal guile, combined with the brute savagery of my fist,
to live to fight another day. I had redeemed myself. I restored the value of my life, and now I stood tall on the Courthouse steps as a free man, enjoying a feeling that cannot be readily described in words.

I hesitated for just a moment and breathed in the thick humid air. I turned back to take one last look at the ominous, granite, and marble building where I had been sentenced to ten years in prison for a crime I did not commit. Then, defiantly, I turned around, exhaled, spit on the ground, and walked away.I had lived to tell the tale. The remarkable true story where love conquers hate, and where the lines between good and evil became one and the same.

This story transcends the lives of three convicts. Sylvester “Sly” Stallone, Paul “the Steroid Guru to the Stars” Joyce, and me, Anthony “Tony” Laterza. Our lives, although woven from different cloths, shared multiple common threads. To begin with, all three of us came from humble backgrounds, and went on to become self-made millionaires. We all made money in one way or another from illegal Anabolic Steroids and Human Growth Hormone, and unfortunately, we all have permanent criminal records based upon our involvement with Performance Enhancement Drugs.


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