An inside account of the multi-million-dollar Steroid Industry, and the Celebrities who profited from it. From Kevin King a.k.a. Sylvester Stallone to Danny Bonaduce. From Shannon Tweed to Lee Priest. Even a Secret Service Agent assigned to the President. They all visited with, the Invisible Doctor.

Ride with the High-Flying Ex-Marine read the truth about; how he became a self-made millionaire, how he fought back against the prison system, how he survived cancer, and how he lived to tell the tale. E-Book. 275 Pages $9.95

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About Author:


Max Stryker a.k.a. Anthony Vincent Laterza Jr., was born September 15th, 1960, in Rockville Center, New York.
He is an Honorably Discharged United States Marine, with six years of faithful service to his Country. While in
the Marine Corps, he studied Criminal Justice at Coastal Carolina College, N.C., and to this day, continues to
pursue his Degree in foreign language.
He is a disabled Veteran, and a former homeless man. He is also a Cancer
Survivor, who suffers from Tinnitus,
due to Military gunfire, and a Neurological Disorder, due to surreptitious
exposure to Trichloroethylene
and  Carcinogenic Waste, while serving two tours of duty, at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

The Ex-Marine is the most accomplished Pro-Se Litigant in the history of American Jurisprudence. He is the only
Advocate, licensed or unlicensed, to prevail on a Writ of Appeal, at the United States Supreme Court [2005],
the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals [2017], and the Fourth District Court of Appeals [2020]. 

Currently, the Best-Selling Author, lives in North Palm Beach, Florida, where he spends his time living the Salt Life,
and composing satirical non-fiction.  


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